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Strategic Consulting & Advising

RAPT4 Partners brings decades of business experience to growth-stage and established technology companies seeking strategic guidance, as well as investors focusing on the technology sector.  We are career attorneys and entrepreneurs with proven track records of technology commercialization from inception through to successful exit.  In select situations, RAPT4 invests in promising technology companies in which we believe we can add value through both investment and advisory services, and assists investors seeking to do the same.

Our Services

Our Services

Consulting Services

RAPT4 provides a broad range of consulting services to technology-based growth companies and investors focusing on the technology sector.  We bring deep business and legal backgrounds to challenging issues, helping founders, investors, and executives navigate risk-based decisions by taking a holistic approach to evaluating all of the “what ifs.”   All company and investment decisions have risks; our goal is to guide decision makers toward taking "good" risks by breaking down complicated issues so that effective solutions emerge.

Advisory Services

RAPT4 routinely provides advisory services to founders, CEOs, executive management, and general counsels. Our engagements range from monthly strategy sessions to serving on advisory boards to retainer-based, ad-hoc advice on topics of daily concern to c-suite leaders.  We pride ourselves on being the “translators” in the room, helping executive teams communicate efficiently and effectively with each other in order to reach desired corporate goals.

C-Suite Services

RAPT4 principals are available to serve as members of our clients’ executive teams, assisting with strategy, operations, and other core functions on an interim and/or part-time basis.  On request, we can manage outside resources for our clients, freeing the executive team to run the core business. 

Our Team

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